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Monday, February 18, 2013

That Magical Moment

The writers journey is long, challenging, discouraging, and often tedious. On average it takes ten years of committed work to get published, just so you can sell (again on average) about 10,000 books and make about $10,000 bucks. Typically, it takes another decade and several books to even begin making something that looks like a living. And only a few, rare, authors (whom lightning strikes) will ever get rich. Instead most will face constant criticism and scathing reviews while they rake in their pittance.

So why do writers do it? We do it because we love to write. We love the creative process. Bringing to life worlds and characters upon the paper that will spark to life in the imagination of our readers.

And perhaps nothing is more magical and rewarding in the eyes of the author than that moment when inspiration strikes. Some authors get inspiration all the time. Every creepy barn they pass on the highway is the site for a murder. Every quirky old man the basis for a character. And inspiration builds slowly. But for me inspiration hits fast, and it hits hard. Like a tidal wave I can barely control.

Inspiration hit me last week. I had discussed the possibility of a YA medieval romance series with an editor a year and a half ago. Then last Saturday, while I took a walk, inspiration hit. NO, not hit. Inspiration smashed me upside the head and hi-jacked the next 8 days of my life. Not only with a book idea this time. That would be too easy. With an entire series that must be mapped out, plus the beginning of book one.

So this past week has been a haze of research, editing, and manic writing. Thank God for my faithful team of supporters who jumped right on the project with help strategizing and critiquing. And somehow, in the midst of it, I managed to not burn down the house or neglect any of my children. As of today, a full series proposal along with three chapters of book one is ready to be sent off to publishers.

It's been an amazing, exhilarating, roller coaster of a week. And a wonderful reminder that these magical moments are why I write.


  1. Dina

    I wanted to thank you for your guest post on Suite T. I really enjoyed hearing how your setting came about in Virginia.

  2. Thanks, Susan :) I really enjoyed getting to focus on the Southern angle in that article.