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Monday, January 14, 2013

Step Up to Excellence!

Do you want to move your novel writing to the next level? Are you tired of receiving form rejections from agents and editors? Do you wish someone would just tell you what to fix? Then "Step Up to Excellence" might be the editing service for you.

Or maybe you're an experienced author who needs a quality in-depth content edit before self-publishing. Step Up can provide that as well.

Writing a powerful novel is a delicate act requiring years of practice. There are many elements which must be perfectly balanced before your story can truly dance its way into your reader's heart. You must exercise and develop your fiction writing muscles and technique. But like a good dance coach, the right editor can streamline the process and help your writing to soar.

There are many types of editors out there, so be sure to find the correct one for you. I specialize in content editing novels intended for the inspirational market. For the past six years, I have studied this market and learned to write and edit novels for the Christian audience. Over the last three years, I've won two awards, published two novels, and taught classes at Christian writers conferences. In addition, I've worked as an acquistions editor for WhiteFire Publishing for two years. In this capacity, I've gained ample experience as a content editor. Finally, I'm an former college writing instructor with years of experience in encouraging students. You can see my detailed credentials and endorsements at the bottom of this link.

Content editors are sometimes called developmental editors, substantive editors, book doctors, or book coaches. The focus of this type of editing is on the story elements of the novel. In a content edit, I will not be fixing your sentence structure, grammar, or typos. That sort of edit is called a line edit. However, I might comment on recurring line editing issues in order to bring attention to an overriding problem that should be addressed throughout the manuscript. If you plan to hire a line editor or proofreader, this should be done after the content edit is complete and the manuscript is revised accordingly.

Given a scale of beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional, my hope is to bring your manuscript up one level in one edit. For a professional level writer, the goal would be publication ready. Please understand that if this is your first novel, it might take several edits to get to a professional level. And it might take years before you possess the experience to completely apply my suggestions. Writing is a marathon, not a sprint. Once you've a achieved a professional level, it can still take a long time to find an agent and a publisher, especially if your story is difficult to market. While I don't want to discourage you, I do want to make sure we are entering this editing relationship with the same expectations. I desire to be a blessing, not a disappointment. Perhaps that doesn't make me the best sales woman on the block, but I want to feel good about what I'm offering you.

Because I am launching a new editing business, I am currently offering some of the lowest rates on the market, but this will in no way affect the quality of my work. I offer two levels of editing packages to best fit your needs and budget. Other editing services are available and will be considered on a case by case basis. These prices are subject to change as "Step Up to Excellence" grows in popularity, so act now.

To schedule your editing services email me at dinasleiman at gmail dot com.

Click here and scroll down for rates as well as my full resume and endoresements.

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