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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Master's Wall - Amazing Book, Amazing Author

Today I want to introduce you to a novel by an incredible author with an important tale of her own.

First let me say, this book was just amazing! I was a bit surprised to discover the main characters were children, but quickly got the point. This story is about the children of Christian martyrs in Rome and how their lives play out. David, son of Jewish parents, is taken into slavery, yet continues to spread the good news wherever he goes. Alethea is the granddaughter of a rich Roman, the murderer of her father and David's owner. As David makes sacrifice after sacrifice for Alethea, I see the prayers of her deceased father being answered upon the pages of this book through him. It truly touched me. When David grows into an exceptional warrior and Alethea is promised in marriage to a man she doesn't love, the stage is set for adventure and romance. The ending is full of wonderful twists. But through it all the aspect that shines brightest is the stunning portrait of the love of Christ.

I want to make clear that I truly loved this book before moving on. In fact, as an author who reads and critiques three and four books a month, I've become rather impervious to the power of a good story. But by the end, I couldn't put this one down.

Now about Sandi. On the same day this book released, Sandi, a young mother of four, was diagnosed with an agressive form of brain cancer. She had already been battling MS for many years. I imagine a part of her must have been so exhausted and just ready to give up.

I believe God wants only the best for his children, and yet knowing the future, I'm sure he saw this coming. How like our marvelous, loving father to coincide these two important events in Sandi's life to give her encouragement and support during this time. It makes me believe that he must have exceptional plans for her book and for her life.

Because of this coincidence in timing, Sandi is receiving more prayer support than she ever would have otherwise. At the same time, her book is getting the full attention that it well deserves. In addition, her publisher is donating an extra $1 per book to her family over her normal royalties to support them during this difficult time. You can purchase it here.

The best way to support Sandi is to pray for her and to purchase her book. Multiple copies for gifts if you can. Not only will it support her family, but it will boost her spirits tremendously. Nothing blesses an author as much as knowing others have read their work and been touched by the message God has laid on their hearts.

My prayer for Sandi is this: that this situation turn into an amazing testimony of God's healing power and his love for his children. I long to see her ministry as a writer go on for many, many years to come.


  1. I had the exact same thoughts, Dina, both about the story and about the timing of its release. I read the book months ago for endorsement purposes, so my enthusiasm for the story is separate from my hope and prayers for Sandi, but I'm praying with you that through this tragedy, her book reaches the lives it needs to reach. And that Sandi can look back on it years down the road and smile at our amazing Father. =)

  2. Thank you for sharing this story and the book review.
    I goes along beautifully with Niki's post at the Inkwell today.
    My prayers are with Sandi and her family.
    Bless you.

  3. Hi Cheryl,

    You might see this one again on Inkwell next week. Sandi was scheduled to guest post, but unless she had it ready to go before she got sick, we'll probably use an updated version of this post instead.