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Monday, July 5, 2010

Free Writing Course

Over the next eight weeks I will be teaching a free writing course at Acts 2 Church in Virginia Beach. The title is "The Inspiration and the Perspiration." Most Christian writers I know are great at one aspect or the other. Some are amazing at hearing from God, receiving deep spiritual insights, and coming up with phenomenal story ideas. Others are great at the technical elements and hard work of the writing craft. However, few make it to publication without learning both. Even then, it's hard to balance the two.

In this course I will be teaching how to seek God for writing inspiration, how to hear his voice, then how to take that lump of clay he has given you and develop it through to a fully publishable book that will find a niche in the market. Concerning the editing process, I will teach how to edit for structure, fictional elements, poetic elements, and technical writing elements. The class is intended to encourage and inspire writers to hone their goals and strengthen their ministries. It is geared toward fiction and narrative nonfiction, but will also cover basic poetry and scriptwriting techniques.

For those of you in town, the class will be on Wednesdays from 7:30 - 8:20 pm at Acts 2 Church. For those of you unable to attend, I will be blogging each week on issues related to the class. So please come back and join the online discussion.

If you would like more information about me and where I currently am in my writing journey, the short story is that I'm published in poetry, songwriting, and scriptwriting. I hold a MA in Professional Writing, and I am currently an agented, albeit unpublished, novelist. I am still working on that final step of hitting the proper niche market. (Update as of March 2011: My debut novel has now been contracted with WhiteFire Publishing and will release this year. Also, since signing my novel, WhiteFire has put me on staff as an acquisitions editor)


  1. "For those of you unable to attend, I will be blogging each week on issues related to the class. So please come back and join the online discussion." looking forward to it! Blessings! Beth (writing as Jenna Victoria)

  2. Cool, should be fun. I'll try to be consistent and post every Thursday starting this week.

  3. I wish I lived in your area! I need help with the whole editing thing. It is the hardest part of writing, in my opinion. :)

  4. Hi Sherrinda. Come join us online. We'll be discussing different levels of revising and editing during weeks 4-7. I'll even give you some of my secret tips for making your writing artistic and poetic.

  5. Sounds like a cool class, Dina! Praying it goes phenomenally for you. I'm making a note to check in here on Thursdays. =)

  6. That's awesome news, Roseanna. For those of you who don't know already, Roseanna is one of my favorite authors. I'm also awed and honored to say that she became one of my critique partners this year. I've learned so much from her in the past few months.