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Monday, November 25, 2013

Finding Your Dance from Deep Within

As with many of my novels, my latest offering has a number of themes including truth, freedom, authenticity, and intimacy with Christ. But the core theme of the book is contained in the title: Dance from Deep Within. We all need to learn to move from that uniquely created place deep inside of us. From the truest part of our being that represents a very special facet of God's vast personality.

In this book, the main characters all struggle to find freedom from the pressures and expectations they've been raised with, as well as from wounds they have suffered in their pasts. They might seem very different on the outside: a veiled Muslim, a bi-racial hippie chick, and a Christian ballerina, yet they are all experiencing that quarter life crisis of seeking to define themselves.

I am not a fan of cookie-cutter Christianity, and I don't believe that God, or his children, should be shoved into safe little boxes. To the contrary, I believe that each of us has a unique dance hidden deep within. That we all need to learn to live in the flow of the Holy Spirit through the rhythm God has placed in our hearts.

As my characters grow in relationship with one another, each has a radical and personal encounter with God that causes them to make life-altering decisions. Of course to fully appreciate their journeys, you will have to read the book. But I will try to encapsulate a few of the keys points for learning to dance from deep within.
  1. Surround yourself with fellow truth seekers: Don't be satisfied with easy answers, and don't take the advice of friends who will encourage you to settle for them either.
  2. Have a fresh encounter with God's word: If it has grown stale to you, look for a new way to experience it. Perhaps a new translation or a different form of media.
  3. Posture yourself to experience God's presence: This could be through worship, Bible study, prayer, meditation, artistic expression, silence, or even time spent in nature. Use what works for you. But in some fashion be still and quiet before God, seek his face, and listen more than you speak.
Are you living from that place deep within? Are there areas in your life where you long for more authenticity? And just for fun, what's your favorite style of music.

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