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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Just for Fun - An Acrobatic Twist

Little known fact, in addition to dance, I also love gymnastics and acrobatics. Since Dauntless Love, the novel I am just finishing up, takes place in the medieval period, I thought it would be fun to add an acrobatic twist.

I pretty much hung up my personal acrobatic hat a few years back, but all three of my children are incredible acrobats. Just for fun, here is my farewell acrobatic performance. I'm guessing this was around 2008. My two kids are the ones doing the fancy tricks. Gymnastics fans, notice the lovely back flip by my son at about 2:16. :) My youngest was still too little for choreography at the time, but he is following right in their footsteps.

Everything About You from danzingfool on GodTube.

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