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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hi From Colorado

Hi everyone! I've been crazy busy this week with the Colorado Christian Writers Conference, and just realized yesterday that I didn't post anything on Monday. I came out early and had a wonderful two days with two old college friends in Keystone and Breckenridge. We stayed in a lovely vacation home and mostly spent the whole time talking. Day three was the roughest, as we went horseback riding, and one of my friends took a hard fall and needed an ambulance. Everything turned out to be fine, severe bruising which will heal, although I'm sure she'd appreciate your prayers for pain. Due to that I arrived late to the conference, but didn't miss anything too important.

My biggest surprise on Wednesday was discovering my old grad school roommate was here! We had totally lost touch about fifteen years ago. It only took us a few minutes to feel like old friends again. What a blessing to reestablish so many of my past relationships this week.

I found out that I loooovvveee teaching a continuing class. Having the same group of students all week has been really fun, and I also think very effective for teaching and learning purposes. We've even started having meals together. I met some great people this way. And I've had a lot of nice appointments with conferees as well.

Yesterday was my busiest day. I taught two classes, spoke on an editors panel, met with four conferees, and on top of that, I danced last night. Yes, I DANCED! I think it turned out nice despite my creaky forty-two year old body. People seemed to really enjoy it.

It should all be downhill from here. I'm hoping to spend a little time walking through these gorgeous mountains today and tomorrow. Although the stories of bobcats and coyotes will probably keep me pretty close to the YMCA campus. Then tomorrow afternoon, I'll be headed for home.

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  1. It sounds fun, Dina. I hope the rest of your time there is blessed and you have a safe trip home.