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Monday, February 11, 2013

Paint Chips

Susie Finkbeiner
I'd like to introduce you to my wonderful friend and WhiteFire author, Susie Finkbeiner. Susie and her novel Paint Chips are both very special to me. I first met Susie by commenting on Novel Matters. I loved her spirit and her intelligence. So, feeling confident that she'd make a wonderful WhiteFire author, I started a friendship (yes, authors, when editors seek you out to "court" you, that's a pretty good sign.) When I heard Susie had finished her first novel, I immediatley let her know I would be interested in seeing it. And to my complete delight, she said she would love to send it to me. The book ended up being my first official acquisition for WhiteFire, not to mention the first book I edited.
Don't worry, you don't have to hate her. Yes, she made some of the typical newbie mistakes, but the energy, the life in that novel, blew me away. She had just the young, edgy, yet wonderfully spiritual vibe we look for at WhiteFire. (See adorable nose stud in her picture, not to mention those piercing eyes.) Her book kept me awake late into the night. I read it straight through, which is a rare thing for me to do, and yet another sign that it would be perfect for WhiteFire. And, Susie turned out to be a great author to work with. She was a quick learner and ate up everything we taught her. The resulting manuscript, in my opinion, is thought-provoking, life changing, and award worthy.
Since it seems odd to do a "review" under the circumstances, let me tell you some of the stand out features that drew me to this book. 1) The characters are so vibrant and alive that they jumped off the page and into my heart. 2) Her writing voice has an understated sort of elegance and artistry reimiscent of Lisa Samson. 3) The subject of the book, which involved healing from abuse and human trafficking, was so relevant and today. 4) The book brimmed with hope and youthful energy. 5) Susie looked at difficult spiritual questions without offering easy answers or platitudes. 
Here is the official blurb for Paint Chips. (written by yours truly and tweaked by the word wizard, Roseanna White)'

What lies beneath the layers of hurt?

Though haunted by her troubled past, Dot has found a safe haven. She has a fierce protector and a colorful collection of friends...but sometimes she wonders if her life will ever be normal again. Though college and romance await her, embracing them requires a new kind of strength--one she isn't sure she has.

Emerging from years of confusion, Cora struggles to latch hold of the sanity she needs to return to the real world. She yearns to find a place of peace...but first she must deal with the ghosts of her past.

Can this mother and daughter overcome abuse, betrayal, abandonment, and the horrors of sexual trafficking, and make it back into each others arms?

Facing the past is never easy. But as they chip away the layers, they might just find something beautiful beneath the mess.

The subject might sound a little depressing, but it's one of those books that will break your heart and put it back together, while making you laugh along the way. Needless to say, I highly recommend this book! Order it for your ereader today for only $3.99.

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