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Monday, January 28, 2013

Fun Fact

I'll keep today's post short and sweet, but I wanted to share a fun fact. For my new novel, Love in Three-Quarter Time, I chose one of last year's Bachelorette contestants to play the role of my enigmatic circuit riding preaher named Lorimer. This is the guy, selected for his red-gold hair, bulging bi-ceps, and rugged good looks.

Well, here's where it gets fun. This real life guy, Sean Lowe, is now this season's official "Bachelor." Yes, 26 beautiful bachelorettes are now fighting it out for his affections. To add to the fun, he's the most spiritual contestant I've ever seen on the show and just an all-around good guy, which adds to the Lorimer vibe.

Obviously the producers agree with me that he would make the perfect lead for a romance, but beyond that, in episode 2, they actually had him posing with the girls for the covers of Harlequin romance novels. That last one obviously doesn't fit my preacher idea at all. LOL. For the full episode, check it out here:

So I guess I'll have to share my leading man.

But he's not my leading man, you argue. He's just a part of my ill-fated love triangle. Well, enter book 2, Love in Perfect Pitch. Yes, hopefully before long Lorimer (a.k.a. Sean) will get his own book. Just don't get too confused if you watch the show, because while Sean has the perfect face, Lorimer certainly has his own quirks and personality.


  1. I've been watching The Bachelor with Jerah. The poor girl has to endure me continually saying, "Don't ever be on a reality show like this. Don't act like that. Don't devalue your own worth by pursuing the man while he's also willfully dating a handful of other woman."

    Of course, we cheer for the dates to get over because we want to see catfighting.

    I wish, though, the producers would have elected to share some of the spiritual conversations. But then maybe that would clue the viewers in on who he chooses.

    However, the whole concept of the show is rather fascinating. A group of people pick from hundreds of applicants girls who they think will be a good match. I just wonder would the participants fall in love if they weren't on a show but having to court in real life?

    I hate this show.
    I can't want for it to come on tonight!

  2. Christi's been getting the same lectures over here, Gina. I'm really liking Desiree because she's staying cool and laid back even though they really connect. I actually prefer the Bachelorette, no cat fighting, and I hate the harem mentality on the Bachelor. Seems much healthier for a couple dozen guys to be fighting over a girl than the reverse.

    Yeah, I think they edit out the spiritual conversations most of the time. I know there must have been a lot on the last season, but we never saw them.

    Another thing I'm enjoying about this season is a much more racially diverse cast. I guess this is something Sean asked for because he had a serious relationship with a black woman before. Kudos to him for that.

    "I hate this show. I can't wait for it to come tonight!" That pretty much sums it up. LOL. I think the producers are sadistic, yet I watch it week after week anyway. Even Dani and the boys get into it sometimes.