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Sunday, November 27, 2011

10 Things with Dina

One of my friends, Susanne Dietze, did this fun little "10 Things with Author Dina Sleiman" article. Enjoy a few little known facts about me :)

Ten Things about Dina:

1) My favorite music is heavy metal and alternative. I’m a regular head banger.

2) I’ve been leading worship dance ministries for the better part of eighteen years.

3) No, my daughter on the cover of my novel is not the result of a teenage pregnancy. I’m actually 41 years old and had her after grad school.

4) My first creative writing project that I remember was a story about a scientifically researched alien from Venus who came to visit a little girl on Earth.

5) I love poetry and try to find sneaky ways to weave it into everything I write.

6) For most of my childhood I attended a “Jesus Movement” type hippy church. I think that explains a lot about me.

7) I was captain of the cheerleading squad in high school and valedictorian of my class. But don’t be too impressed (or annoyed) since there were only 10 people in my grade at my small Christian school.

8) I have two adorable little dogs. One malti-poo and one malti-shi. And I’m not above dressing them in cutsie outfits when they’ll let me.

9) My husband is Lebanese. I actually got caught in a war in Lebanon in 2006, and our family had to be evacuated on a U.S. naval ship.

10) I love the beach. It’s a twenty-five minute drive from my house, but I try to get there once a week when the weather’s nice. I adore the outdoors in general and do a lot of hiking and biking.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I am reading Dandy right now...ooh! It's so fast-paced, it's hard to put down!

  2. Awesome. I guess I'm easily bored. I have to keep things moving. LOL.